A long day, a quick post

March 25, 2016  •  2 Comments

Two galleries, a touch pass with the Duomo, shopping

When I say I average at 10 miles a day on foot, I'm not kidding.

Sammi's ankle can be the true marker if you don't believe me.  After today, it was melon sized.  

We walked back and forth and through and up and over Florence today, soaking it all in before Sammi has to head back to the state's.  Since a good majority of the day was spent inside galleries, I'll spare you the art in art and just give you some samples. 

First of, the Santa Maria Novella 

I saw this church in my dream last night.  I'm not making it up I swear.  

I mean there were some structure differences but this is the church I saw.  Either my Italy has taken capture of my subconscious or I've seen a lot of churches in Italy and they are merging.  Either way, this church in all its painted light luster was a great way to start our early morning.  

Then it was off to the Acadamia to see an old pall David

Oh, look at that butt

I mean look at it! It's not the shot you were expecting I'm sure.  You can shop that shot on google.  I took this one because what baffled me time and time again was seeing these Michaelangleo's in person and noticing the vein work.  They really were frozen in time.

Quick! Run inside the Duomo!  

Look familiar? Apparently more than one of us artist type had similar dreams.  Wanna go to the top? Not yet, that's for tomorrow.

Now Uffizi time.  Do your U-feet-zi's hurt like ours yet?  Ha!


So here is an art to prove we were there

Even though there was more walking and eating involved let's wrap it up for the day.  But for now, here is a really really bad joke 

What do you do with a bad statue?  Stick them in the corner with a perfect view, and turn their heads away

I'd be making that face too if I was frozen in time with a stiff neck and a bad view (that bad view being inside the Uffizi, how tragic)

It was a great day and the time with Sammi was amazing.  Join me tomorrow as Kit goes back to solo Europe for more walking, more Florence, and of course more adventure!





Kay Mohr
I am genuinely entertained and totally impressed.
Of course you saw the Santa Maria Novella in a dream. I believe you. Because, as I know you are discovering, this isn't your first time around the Old World. Now that you have decided to prick the bubble ( no pun intended) you are breathing on your own and soaking up all that rich oxygen. Thus, your dreams are now reality. I am SO proud of you, I continue to beam from ear to ear as I follow your adventures and remember when I was your age and walked those same ten miles a day. By the way. I know taking pictures of Michaelangelo's David is forbidden. I love the fact that you are breaking the rules. Doesn't it feel good to be a bad boy!? Exhilaration at it's finest.
I looked for an oversized pair of blue jeans in the Firenze marketplace so I could dress David and take him home with me. None were to be found. But, you know, old ladies still dream too. The butt shot was perfect.
Thank you for the pleasurable pose.
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