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It feels a lot like one very long day

When does a day even really begin?

If it's when you wake up, then my day started and stopped all across Italy, Switzerland, and France.  The TGV was another experience of it's own.  The view may be no different from first to second class, but the luck of the draw seating might have been worth the set back.  Not that my travel companion for the day wasn't nice.  All 60 of so pictures of him on the Alps were in fact very nice.  Fitting together in the seats, not as nice.  But a truly tired traveler makes for a great napper. 

Since you might of gathered that I am not in fact on a night train, the one plus side to a day time expedition were some great mountain views.  Switzerland, I'm hiking you next.  With proper shoes. 

The biggest take away from this journey was probably the difference in the general tension. Being in Europe since the attacks, particularly in regards to travel, it just feels intense.  And it's not just my paranoid American self.  I watched as one man was taken off the train by police. More fun yet was to be had as at one point a man left a bag after just getting on the train and the disappearing. I watched as other travelers did the same little check to make sure he was still on board.  I did not sleep much after that, heart in my throat, travel companion basically in my lap. 

Alas! We arrive in PARIS

I booked a cozy little place in the Opera district via Airbnb and it took almost everything in me not to instantly sleep.

Food first, a good rule of thumb.  

So to resume the more pleasant side of my journey, I will visually walk you through the fanciest meal of my trip.  Good contrast to the last twenty four hours.

Welcome to the 

Brasserie Julien

Brasserie_Julien_menuBrasserie_Julien_menuDinner in Paris, a night to remember

These are cell phone pictures, and I was basically drunk with tire. Je m'excuse.


Brasserie_Julien_decorBrasserie_Julien_decorDinner in Paris, a night to remember

TINY Tables. So close in fact, they pull the table out just to sit you down.  The waitress worked with my broken french and although the service was slow, it was enjoyable in that I received fantastic food and I don't really enjoy the small talk anyways. 

To begin!

Brasserie_Julien_onion_soupBrasserie_Julien_onion_soupDinner in Paris, a night to remember

The real thing: French Onion Soup

The only regret here is that there is no way to eat this in a classy manor.  The cheese gets everywhere, just like God intended. 

Not as salted as American look a-likes. Certainly brought me back to life.

The main course!

Brasserie_Julien_seabassBrasserie_Julien_seabassDinner in Paris, a night to remember

Sea bass with a mushroom risotto 

They were even nice enough to save my weak american stomach and pre-cut the head off.  No guilt served here.

At this point I'm stuffed, but we must carry on!

The Finale!

Brasserie_Julien_creme_bruleeBrasserie_Julien_creme_bruleeDinner in Paris, a night to remember


Literally Brulee

Not as sweet as the American counter part, making it even lighter and next to perfection to one very happy, very full traveler. 

It was a treat of it's own to watch the place fill up and chaotically run its course.  I think the waitress was surprised I left her a happy extra tip (yes, I am aware it's included as a service charge in Europe), but they really earn it here. Again, not so much for the talking, more so for the staying afloat. 

Now for a real bed and a hard sleep.  

Tomorrow, adventure is out there!




Aunt Lori(non-registered)
I have eaten there and loved it. The creme brûlée C'est Manifique. Can't wait for pics of Paris.
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