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March 19, 2016  •  2 Comments

10 + Miles, One Day, GO!

So this day was so full of walking, hopping Metro's, and navigating language barriers, that we are gonna tell the story in the language of thousand word photo style.

Fisherman's Bastion 

Fisherman's Bastion aka Kit's castleFisherman's Bastion aka Kit's castleSo there is a giant church, Matthias Church, that the Bastion flanks. The church was beautiful, but I found myself like a kid in a castle. So I my focus stayed on the flare, go figure.

Growing up on Disney, it still baffles me that castles can be real things and this was just pretty garnishing to the Matthias Church. I climbed on all the nooks I could fit into. 

Exhibit A 

The Bastion View


Bashful BastionBashful BastionNo need to be shy Fisherman's Bastion, we all know you like to watch the Parliament I'm the King of this Castle. I'll take a paper crown, just let me stay here please. 

Ok so down the river, on a tram, off a tram, and over the way God decided to apologize for trying to kill me yesterday with the weather with this little backdrop 

Raining lightRaining lightAgain, I've done zero editing on my blog shots. This is all God's light work showing off

Now let's get up close and personal to that big building that has been hogging up all the skyline


Look up up upLook up up upParliament really didn't need anything to make it more jaw dropping. Being open would of been nice, but every country gets to have their revolution holidays I guess

Still closed from all the countries festivities, probably better off that way cause Kit DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME

Metro over to the Opera, grab a ballet ticket, Metro up to... 

Hero's Square

Hero's square soaked it up I swearHero's square soaked it up I swearSo march isn't quite season for Budapest yet, apparently they even flood about twice a year. This is not that time clearly

Included in this package

A Castle!

Hero's Square has curvy edgesHero's Square has curvy edgesCastle tucked away on the outskirts of the city, sure!

Down a Metro, over a tram, and into the rabbit hole of market life complete with actual cooked rabbits (probably) more so duck and Goulash which both are actually worth the try. 

Central Market Budapest

PaprikaPaprikaCentral Market, Chaos with food, tourist traps, and perfect lighting

Hungarian official spice, Paprika.  As my tour guide confirmed, "We spice everything with Paprika and salt, lots of both". My kind of people.

My night then finished out with a trip to the Opera house to see a ballet.  Which was one of the most beautiful things I've seen, until about the second act, when a member of the audience cried out in agony in what I later came to decide was probably a heart attack.  To be honest, it was probably the most scared I've been in a long time.  Being in a foreign country with the current state of affairs and hearing screaming followed by people running out of the theater, very hard to discern what is actually a threat or just tragedy.  The ballet however was not phased in the slightest and continued to perform without even a glance in the direction of the body being carried out.  Maybe they are accustom to their art having such a powerful effect, hard to say.

So let's end on a happy note, cause I did actually despite the fear. 

These feet

Kit was hereKit was hereIn case you didn't believe me, here I am in Budapest I promise These feet got me across a new country and a city that I wish I could of glued myself down onto. 

Next up, 4 am wake up call ! And preview for Italy, sardines! No, not the kind you eat...



Your pictures of Budapest are more beautiful than I remember these landmarks being when I saw them in person. You are a genius with the camera. Each picture speaks in a language we can all understand. You are amazing. I look forward to every click of your finger. GO GO GO GO!!!!
Wow Kit,
I just love castles. I have ever since I was a kid. You just can't find that kinda' structure in the US. I love, love, love Fisherman's Bastion, Hero's Square, Parliament, the Castle... All of it, everything! I feel like I'm watching your newest gallery in the making in real time, Fun.

Your feet deserve a big "Thank you" and some TLC. So give em' a soak, say 'Thanks', and then "Hellooo Italia!". Can't wait. Enjoying every bit. Margaret

P.S. Are there Burger Kings in Budapest. You could get your paper crown... you deserve it. ;-D
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