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Wine country? 

Not for Kit, but the infinite land of good espresso

Good Morning Florence!

The first massive difference was actually last night finding the hotel in almost complete silence, I guess Rome is also good at stealing all the noise. And trash. 

The streets are clean, we are not in fact the only ones here as we come to realize on our way to find a late breakfast.

caffe_curtatone_florencecaffe_curtatone_florence2 EURO ONLY 2 EURO. I LOVE THIS PLACE This was 2.5 EURO. ALL OF IT. 2.5 EURO. HOW.

Shocking! I believe both Sammi and I also managed to shock the merchant with our reactions to this shocking discovery. Shocks all around!

And it wasn't just here, as expensive as Florence can be, espresso flows practically free in the streets. Bene!

Caffeinated, we set out to explore with our Firenze cards in hand. They were practically the biggest purchase (besides gifts), but got us into basically everything with skipping the lines.  Truly a good purchase when you have a limited time to art, eat, and shop here.

arno_florencearno_florenceEven if you stop to stare, the water keeps on Look Look Look

Our first day was for wandering around and getting our bearings. One of my favorite finds if you brave the outdoor Central Market, is the upstairs indoor Central Market. 

Outside Market: going to be yelled at. alot.

Indoor bottom floor: so much meat and various parts of animals I didn't know could be consumed. 

Top floor:  food paradise. various vendors offering everything from cheese, wine, bread, seafood, pizza, burgers, gelato, everything.

mercato_centrale_florencemercato_centrale_florenceUpstairs= perfect food everywhere. Downstairs = chaos

Meanwhile outside

duomo_florenceduomo_florenceLots of Marble under a little moon The Duomo, more on this later I promise.  It's kinda a big deal here.

san_lorenzo_florencesan_lorenzo_florenceFavorite little detail found in a church yet, pretty unique to boot.

Different church actually, I was just making sure you were paying attention.

This is San Lorenzo. Well technically, that is Jesus in San Lorenzo.  But look up.  The church was massive and had plenty of other sites to offer however, this was my favorite.  It's the first and only star map I've seen in a church.  Go ahead, scroll back up and give it a second look. 

Back outside!

fiume_arno_florencefiume_arno_florenceSky glows, City echos

There is no mistaking it, this city is beautiful. So why not hike up a mountain and see it in full.

view_piazzale_michelangelo_florenceview_piazzale_michelangelo_florenceMichelangelo's David (replica) has nice view at night

This is the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo

Which of course comes complete with a David Statue replica.  He gets the best view of the city and I'm fairly positive the Italians pay the moon to light him up.  

piazzale_michelangelo_florencepiazzale_michelangelo_florenceFlorence pays the moon to light up Michelangelo's David (replica)

Tomorrow is for all of the things.  And I mean ALL the things. 

Feet up and tuck in time. 


Firenze really is beautiful. Your pictures make it come alive. I'm smelling a delicious bowl of pasta about now with a hot crunchy crust bread. It makes me very happy to watch you dig into each city with such gusto. I hear your laughter. I feel your joy and freedom. And, I continue to be extremely envious. GO GO GO
Grandma Bonnie(non-registered)
Loving it. So beautiful pictures. What an adventure you are having. Today is Maundy Thursday when the Lord has His last meal with his Diciples, and tomorrow is sorrow but Sunday is a you. Stay safe...
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