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March 21, 2016  •  2 Comments

Kit goes to the Vatican

Rome is huge, there is life everywhere.  

Since today is a holy day of sorts, let's start with a confession.  I am a tourist. Much of me stumbling around Europe has been in the good graces of Rick Steve's Italy book, google maps, and trip advisor. Today however, my love and adoration goes out to a man named Mario. Being the concierge for the fine hotel we were staying in, he managed to find me a ticket to the Vatican on the same day pre Holy week in the Holiest of places. I therefore was able to jump in to my next jump culture shock head over feet and avoid the two hour line wrapping the gates. 

The walk over of course proved yet again worth it.  Even with a seagull guarding the gates, this castle was a nice prelude to my trip to holy land.

castel_sant'angelo_romecastel_sant'angelo_romeThis seagull is the gate keeper

But seeing how I am in Italy, first Gelato before Art-ing

musei_vaticani_gelatomusei_vaticani_gelatoThe holiest of Gelato Then we get holy engulfed in art

musei_vaticanimusei_vaticaniEven the corners were treasures musei_vaticani_raphael_vaticanmusei_vaticani_raphael_vaticanLike a slice of the Sistine Chapel Raphael's little real estate in the Vatican was just the pre cursor to the Sistine Chapel. Although there was no photos allowed, after about a half hour of just starring straight up, it was a sight myself and my neck will never forget.

To skip even more lines, the true slippery tourist, I snuck in with the "group only"  exit and the Me Myself and I tour group marched directly into St. Peter's Basilica. 

basilica_di_san_pietro_vaticanbasilica_di_san_pietro_vaticanWhen the crowds are too much, just look up and everything else falls away

Even though the crowds were massive, it was easy to feel somehow alone standing here. 

Not to worry, there were crowds outside too

piazza_san_pietro_vaticanpiazza_san_pietro_vaticanGrace can fall to the masses

I promise I paused longer then it took to snap these shots. I did most of my processing on the 2.5 mile walk back because I do like to walk, even if my knee's are crying, the cobblestones can handle the water works just fine I guess. 

The walking pays off

I found a bridge, I found a Vista, I am finding myself the longer I get a chance to see life as part on a bigger event happening across a world I have only seen in books and dreams. 

piazza_del_popolo_romepiazza_del_popolo_romeStumbling up staircases is worth it river_tiber_romeriver_tiber_romeThe walk back was worth all 2.5 miles for this little moment of peace


I'm jumping out of my skin as I read your blog and enjoy your incredible pictures. Wish I was there to enjoy it with you. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Now that you have begun to "roll back the stone" your life will never be the same. Remember, Michaelangelo was only 26 years old when he began sculpting David. I know someone else who is 26. I am anxiously awaiting my personal invitation to your first gallery show. GO. GO. GO!!!!
Aunt Mary(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pix, Kit! I am so glad to see you were able to get into the Vatican. It is a great place to realize how small we are in the scheme of the universe...and to marvel at a smorgasbord of artwork. Keep having great adventures! Love and hugs.
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Enjoy! Kit

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