It's a three shot kinda day

March 15, 2016  •  2 Comments


It's almost 10 am here to my internal 5 am and espresso is the name of the game today.

To a great deal of the folks back home, I promised a food blog and there's no time like the present when your hotel feeds you. 

They had a bit of everything, from fruit to liver paste (I'll get more adventurous I swear) 

Food Kit Food Kit

Important: Cheese yes wow always

Meats: Salami is surprisingly the least threatening of the deli, such a turn of events

Desserts: Light and not over sweetened. One for moment and three for the road. 

The two espresso's shown above, one is happily featured on my desk now as I write this and convince myself to suck it up and get out of bed! Time change is a struggle haha!

Finally up and at it for a rainy 38 degree day

Although I had my camera for the three hour tour, yes a three hour tour in the rain Gilligan, these photos were from my iphone and I'll add some of the professional shots when I get time

View from BudaView from BudaRainy, freezing day? Hike to the top of Capitol Hill? But of course!

So I found a free walking tour by HostelCulture lead by a cool guy named Andris who was finding a use for his master's degree in Hungarian history. Our massive group, four people including the guide, we braved the freezing for some stunning views and fun stories. 

My favorite part of the day seems to be the wandering though

The space in-betweenThe space in-betweenProbably my favorite detail of any city are the details in the way's and where's of it all.

Oh I forgot to mention, that today was a big day in History for Budapest Revolution, so Eddie Izzard here's your flags. 

Once back to the hotel with a life saving hot shower, I ventured back out for some food and stumbled into some unusual places.

My favorite a private square where this picture does no justice

Hidden CornersHidden CornersSome of the happiest accidents come from being brave enough to just wander in

And two, a organ concert in none other then St. Stephen's Basilica  

St. Stephen's Basilica

No words can describe how amazing it was.  No words can describe how tired I am.





Pastry for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack sounds yummy to me! Enjoy every sight, smell, and morsel. Let your jaw drop. There is nothing awkward about your laugh. IT IS YOU! LET IT OUT! Pure awe is something powerful. Experiencing it makes us more patient and satisfied. It brings us so strongly into the present moment that time actually seems to slow. I am SO proud of you. You have no idea of your strengths. But, I do. GO GO GO......!!!!!!
Hi Kit, Pastry for breakfast my kinda' guy. So excited for your trip. Can't wait to read and see all about it. Thank God coffee's universal right!!! Hahaha.

Have fun and keep um' coming. Margaret
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Enjoy! Kit

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