The Heart of Rome

March 22, 2016  •  1 Comment

Cobblestones and thin-souled shoes are a match made in heaven, its time for another 10 mile plus day

So I invite you to enjoy this day with me visually as there was a lot for the seeing and less for the talking. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll explain away.  Hopefully the visual tour will be less tiring but just as rewarding!

Hidden Steps 

Borghese_hidden_steps_RomeBorghese_hidden_steps_RomeMy favorite find of the morning in the Burghese gardens

Golden Geese of the Tempio Di Esculapio

Tempio_di_esculapio_RomeTempio_di_esculapio_RomeMary poppin's like lake complete with geese and whimsical attitudes.

Piazza Mignanelli

Piazza_mignanelli_RomePiazza_mignanelli_RomeShe gets flowers for Palm Sunday coming up tomorrow

Trevi Fountian

Trevi_fountian_RomeTrevi_fountian_RomeFavorite I think so far even with the masses

A little proof of the crowds I've been mentioning

Trevi_fountian_crowds_romeTrevi_fountian_crowds_romeEvidence of crowd


pantheon_romepantheon_romeCrowd surfing anyone? Pantheon's Behind

pantheon_backside_romepantheon_backside_romeEven the edges take notice

Caffe Break

caffe_tazza_d'oro_romecaffe_tazza_d'oro_romeIf I could have this every day....

Piazza Colonna

piazza_colonna_romepiazza_colonna_romeA whole story ran down this like a chiseled novel.

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

santa_maria_sopra_minerva_romesanta_maria_sopra_minerva_romeThere's not enough time in the world to take it in.

Lighting Detail

light_santa_maria_romelight_santa_maria_romeLight even in the darkness

There's no place not to be paying attention to really

Details_romeDetails_romeLife has a way of leaving marks

Campo de'Fiori

campo_de'Fiori_romecampo_de'Fiori_romeFlowers lining the streets

Just stumbling in random doors


Street Life


street_life_romestreet_life_romeCan you hear them?

Back once more for good measure

trevi_fountian_night_rometrevi_fountian_night_romeAlmost more majestic at night


As for the city of Rome, it is loud but more so robust.  Full of people selling selfie sticks and pushing past you to stop three seconds later to take their picture.  There is trash on the streets, not many waste bins and sheer chaos. I'm 1000% convinced that the game Frogger was based solely on the street crossing, near death experiences of this city.  But the chaos has a beat, and once you learn when to jump in the street and how to say no to strangers, it really has a charm that grows on you. Honestly when I first arrived here, I was massively overwhelmed. A few pizzas later, Kit is a happy Roman. 


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