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Let's go to Europe!  Plan it, Squeeze it in

Starting out

Pack weight: 35lbs

Kit weight: 145lbs

Location Location Location?

Budapest Italy France

Since fine european wine is sadly off this trip's agenda, it is my intention to eat my way through this tri-country trip.  Despite my ambitious caloric agenda, I offer up my starting poundage with every hope that I'll still weight over 100 lbs when I get home. My pedometer has accepted the challenge. 

Night flight and sleeping pill, what a cocktail for Kit.  I sat window side with a free middle seat (hello Kit's leg room) and a lovely American lady to my right that promised to kick me if I slept through the landing.  Such the friendly neighbor. In short, the usual turbulence, the unusual included staircase, and the much needed drool stains. Keeping it classy America.

Osprey 46 Kestrel fit overhead like a champ, however, many a comment on how I managed to bring it on. I don't think people are acquainted with the size of their own rolling luggage, or perhaps spacial awareness en general. No Matter! I made it barely to my second flight and two hours later, happily in Budapest, sipping coffee and googling the Metro system.

Time for another photo to keep you engaged

Spring is even hereSpring is even hereTip toe through the Violas? Bus, Metro, and a lot of walking later, I had checked in successfully to Hotel Carlton.  My lobby attendant speaks English and seemed genuinely surprised that I am genuinely excited to be here.  First impressions are always a fun merry go round.  The fun stops when Kit forgets how to read signage and can't find the room.  But then again, we all know my awkward red face, Europe deserves the change to meet it too, no?

First major impression for the day


Water under the bridgeWater under the bridgeThe Danube is a quick flowing river, but the views are worth stopping for. The bridge that connects Buda and Pest actually made me choke back some feelings.  It was that first real, woah, Kit is not in Disney anymore moment that I've needed for a long time.  Later crossing back, I stopped to watch very stubborn seagulls fly up and float down in great quantities and alarming nautical knots for hollow boned creatures. Many a stranger now also knows my awkward laugh. 2 for 2!

Paneer CheeseburgerPaneer CheeseburgerYum! Who doesn't love cheese. I got this at an outdoor market called Kravan. I wandered! Half lost and hungry, half excited and google map seared into my working memory, all the way out to a street market that was called the Karavan.  A little space between building with a gravel lot and food trucks.  This Paneer cheeseburger.  This Paneer cheeseburger.....


When in doubt, follow the sun set home.  Traced my sets back but not without picking up an extra treat. 

Gourmet Ramen So naturally, I also found some Ramen to compare.  One glass mug, water heater, 30 seconds, and pink spoon (thanks mom) later, I've got to say their ramen manages to be a tad saltier but just as satisfying to this soup-blooded creature.


Close out the day.  

It's been a crazy 24 hours.  I make no promises on what the rest will bring.  If it's anything like today,  I'll be lucky if I weigh as much as my bag coming home. But I will be one happy Kit, that I believe. 


Unca Randy(non-registered)
Too cool! Worth it alone for the pictures!! More!!
Care Bear(non-registered)
I enjoy your writing and love your pictures. After seeing the third picture I remembered, "oh yeah, Kit's a photographer... These are gonna be good!" ;)
Thanks for sharing, I'll forward to future updates!
Rachel Fuller
I love it! Thank you, thank you for blogging about your experience and impressions. I'm looking forward to seeing how you compose this adventure you're on. But I'm a little bit concerned about you and this weight loss prediction. Not to worry though, your days in Italy will solve that problem. "Carbohydrates and conjugations", here you come.
I will live vicariously through you for the next three weeks. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Eat lots of goulash while in Budapest. Don't worry. You should have no problem adding ten pounds while in Italy.
I'm loven it !!! Now that's the Kit I know. Great photos and writing. We're gonna enjoy this trip together.
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Europe here I come!  You can view the pics within each post in a slide show by clicking on one of the images to start.  

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