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March 28, 2016  •  3 Comments

This was a day for hiking.

Backpacking across the countryside, yes

Backpacking in the city, yes

Backpacking while trying to fit into a tiny gelato store, yes

Today had it all and then some.  It was a cool, grey day outside.  Maybe the pictures have less of that high dynamic range without editing but my face also has much less sun burning.  So it's a fair trade. 

My first hope was to hike through all the towns.  Sadly, the first two coastal pathways were closed, the more famous ones, also the shorter ones haha! So, I still got plenty of walking in.  Added by the actual exploration of the towns and it was a very long day. 

Hello Manarola!


This is the smallest of the five towns, known for being much less interesting.  However in hindsight, I think I will stay in this town next time to get the photographic night advantage because in my opinion this add some of the best flare even for being so tiny.

 And great locals

Manarola_catManarola_cat The cats of the Cinque Terre will be my next adventure I think.  One even took over my lap as I was trying to make this post at night sitting in a little indoor\outdoor lobby.  

But back to town.  This town has a vineyard walk, a hike within itself


The Cinque Terre produces its own wine, oranges, and lemons. The groves along the mountain side were a favorite of mine.

This little walk led me all the way around to one "swimming spot" better titled as the tourist make out spot.  While an Italian couple enjoyed each other's faces,

I enjoyed the crashing water views

Manarola_tideManarola_tide More so, from this spot you can see where my hike leads to.  That little cluster of houses up to the left in the mountains, thats a short train ride away.  That tiny speck of lighter yellow in the top left corner.  That's where I'm hiking to today.

But before we leave, this was the highlight of my day view wise

Manarola_harborManarola_harbor The water was pure, the town bright, and my heart was lighter than its been before.  

On to the next town.  Tucked in the mountains, Corniglia is the only town the doesn't on the sea level.  Which means about 385 steps just to get into town.

Which means, my first stop was here


Gelato made from local honey is hard to beat.

Refreshed, the walking around town was much easier to enjoy the details. For example, everyone's laundry out to dry in the warm sun tucked behind the clouds.


I even hiked down to what used to be the coast of this tiny city

Corniglia_coastlineCorniglia_coastline And found some more detail to appercaite

Corniglia_doorCorniglia_door Beyond the colors and the location, the Cinque Terre also had a way of feeling real, tactile.  Gritty, it is a place that shows the labor that goes into keeping it alive, the pulse is in the very stonework.

Now for the hiking hiking which was quite challenging.  Up's and down's, stairs and rocks, tourist and tight walkways


ewarding however

Corniglia_Vernazza_hike_viewCorniglia_Vernazza_hike_view Corniglia_Vernazza_hike_flowersCorniglia_Vernazza_hike_flowers

I carried my camera on my chest strap, and my water by my shoulders and hiked for about two very difficult but worth while hours to... 



This city stop was bursting with life, from the kids playing in the streets to the loud fishermen pulling in their boats


Honestly, my favorite part of this town was the platter of meats I choose for dinner but I was a tad biased from lack of nutrition. 

The views are probably the majorities highlight.  

Vernazza_top_shotVernazza_top_shot Waiting for the sun to set, I even had time to play with a filter


One more hike to go tomorrow, one more town to see, then it's off to Paris!



Aunt Lori(non-registered)
Love, love, love all th posts and pics. Can't wait for Paris! Remember to go to the ile St. Louis for best gelato in town.
There it is... right there... In these photos. That's the Kit I saw those years ago when you showed me your portfolio. I've seen hundreds of stunning photos of the Cinque Terre. But these are of Kit's Cinque Terre. As unique as your artistic insight. They cause us to feel as well as see, for this is art. My tombstone will read "He met Ted Williams, E. E. Cummings, and Kit Mohr".
I have only one question for you. Why aren't you working for National Geographic and traveling the world? There are no words to describe the beauty, depth, and soul you capture with each click. You are one in a million. GO GO GO !!!
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Europe here I come!  You can view the pics within each post in a slide show by clicking on one of the images to start.  

Enjoy! Kit

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