Over and Out

April 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

Coming back to the states

Spoiler: I am safe and sound, already home adjusting to the ebb and flow of "productive living" with a an affinity for the morning (thank you time change).  But we will finish this adventure together, the way we started.


The best day to leave

Are you are booking a vacation or an adventure to test your determination of mind?

 If it is the former, your last night should be in a hotel close to the airport with a well traveled route.

 If it is the latter, perhaps consider booking a flight back home during a national strike of transport. Really exciting for those under utilized panic receptors. 

So this day actually begins where the last day ended, home from a trip to wonderland in Paris. Checking the route for the next day, I had my first omen for the day to come.  I registered with big brother before I left should my family need to be informed if I tried to make out of a foreign land with the royals treasures (watch less Robin Hood I know) or you know, bombings. So the US department of state sends out a little warning that the day I fly out, Paris is having a little watered down Les Mis production. Strikes of major transport sectors, beautiful.

I wake up early and head to the metro, get on one wrong train just to spice up the morning, get to the right platform and listen as over the intercom they rattle off that the strike will cause delays all day. After watching several trains leave, not bound for my stop, packed and delayed, the panic finally takes hold.  I love Paris, but I do not want to extend this trip, this way. So I head up out of the underground beehive of trains/metro and low and behold, this massive station appears to be under construction.  And its raining, double bonus.

Running in the rain with a pack, around corners and pleading with several kind parisians, I am pointed in many directions. A morning walking tour if you will.  I see a taxi.  Lights red but my pride was left several blocks ago, so I ask him to please please please and he says well well well, then finally, Oui. 

Lavazza_ParisLavazza_ParisI will miss you so good espresso

We aren't actually here yet 

But I wanted to make sure we are paying attention.  

So several euros, american dollars, and apologies later, I make to the airport with plenty of time.  The airport is a bit like the escalator edition of Hogwarts.  The perk is that there is a security check point for every like five gates, which means fast lines.  

So one final French snack and a gate change later and we are boarded

Coming_homeComing_homeShould of stuffed my suitcase full

But still grounded. 

That strike. Ya, it's at the airport too.  Thankfully Frankfurt was no Milan, God decided once was all the character building I needed for this trip.  So a nice afternoon jog through the airport later, I'm finally actually bound for home.

For the foodies, one last meal with a side of Bond

Last_supper_parisLast_supper_parisLuftansa's 5 star dinner with a little Bond on the side

Better than it looks, not good enough to miss though.



It's been a crazy three weeks.  Really, not just for dramatic impact. 

I came back home a slim trim 142 lbs but I gained so much life in the process.

I miss the coffee, the air, the purpose behind every day. I have woken up every night since being back, confused where I am and anxious that the train station in my room is not as safe as my cat would have me believe.  So I think the stress of travel is finally catching up to me too. 

Nonetheless, I say go. Maybe not till Central Europe gets a hold on some of the current crisis.  But go. 

Or you're welcome to travel with me again because

Adventure is out there

And Kit will be finding it





Thank you to all of the massive support I've got from friends, family, and colleagues. No sarcastic hints, or sass, I found my way with your help and I am blessed. 

Once I get back and really settled, I will make formal shot highlight album from the journey for this site.  So keep a watchful eye, there is plenty of Europe to be seen yet. 

Last shout out goes to the real stars of the trip

Heavy_souls_EuropeHeavy_souls_EuropeThe true champs of the trip

I have no idea how you survived all 150+ miles of trekking.

 Thank you, from the bottom of my feet.







Unca Randy(non-registered)
Kit, your trip blog is great!! The photos are spectacular! The commentary is entertaining!! I'm glad I finally got around to perusing all the posts!

And now, it's time for you to plan a June with us at our dig in Israel! We could show you some incredible places (and working at the excavation is way way cool!)
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Europe here I come!  You can view the pics within each post in a slide show by clicking on one of the images to start.  

Enjoy! Kit

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