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It's another full day

Under, up, and over Paris 

Caffeinated, today was a day for Le Metro.  Even with some extra speed under the city, it was still an eleven mile day.  So hold tight and perhaps grab a snack.

Eiffel Tour 

sky_view_le_tour_eiffelsky_view_le_tour_eiffelSky high

It's not just the wide angle lens, looking up at this massive genius of a structure, line seem to bend and the mind with it.  In the modern era, it would be challenging to get on through life not knowing what The Eiffel Tower was.  Iconic.

As always, the full effect of taking in a monument is difficult through only words.  So I'll do the best I can through some images to give you details and put things into place.  While you adventure though, try and recall that feeling of just waking up from a really bizarre dream.  Somewhat lucid but questioning, was what I just saw real?  That might make the next couple minutes more authentic for you.

In full

Le_tour_eiffelLe_tour_eiffelThe grand tour d'eiffel

In parts

Detail_le_tour_eiffelDetail_le_tour_eiffelCross over and up in Paris Connections_le_tour_eiffelConnections_le_tour_eiffelTwists, turns, treasures

The View

Sous_Le_Tour_EiffelSous_Le_Tour_EiffelBottoms up Paris

Oh wait, I mean, The View...

Top_Paris_Le_Tour_EiffelTop_Paris_Le_Tour_EiffelThe view from the top

It is a puzzle of intersections like 3D etchings, while at the same time being a captivating viewpoint to take in the bloodlines of Paris.  

Worth not just staring at from afar but climbing all about.

Le_Fleur_EiffelLe_Fleur_EiffelSpring in Paris

From the Metro to the sky, now to the water.  

Feeling so moved by the rushing winds of tourism, I ventured out onto a little hour tour down the river to get a little more perspective for the city.  Although not as entertaining as the Jungle Cruise, it did have a rather nice finale vantage point.

Notre Dame

Notre_dame_water_ParisNotre_dame_water_ParisNotre Dame by the river

Those threatening looking clouds? Take note.

Off the boat and with a little snack..

Crepe_ParisCrepe_ParisAfternoon snack

Despite his face, there in nothing to fear in this photo.

Crepe in belly, threatening clouds now making good on their promises.  Its back to walk around Europe in the rain and stopping to soak in some of it's treasures

The_Pont_Alexandre_IIIThe_Pont_Alexandre_IIIPont Alexandre Paris Don't be fooled by the sunny exposure.  

Paris wants you to think, go out, it'll be fine. 5 lbs of water logged socks later, many a happy local are out with bags of umbrellas to greet you which honestly is a nice relief from SELFIE STICK SELFIE STICK

Nonetheless, it was time to return in doors.  What better place then the Musee D'Orsay

Musee_d'orsay_ClockMusee_d'orsay_ClockTime slows staring at art

This gallery looks over at it's sibling Louvre as equals in my opinion.  They are very much their own distinctive characters and where the Louvre might be the more robust in size and history, Orsay brings the life to a whole other chapter in Art's history.  Most noted for the featured impressionist works, however it is still quite diverse.  The naturalist piece's in the large format galleries floored me.  

Going late in the day and with a bit of luck, the museum was not as crowded as it is known for.  Also having a bit of patience, I was able to grab some shots without onlookers elbows and pleasant side stares. So here are some of the highlights from around the gallery, I'll save you the walking. 

Monet_Eiffel_musee_d'orsay_ParisMonet_Eiffel_musee_d'orsay_ParisMonet catching the light change Manet_dancers_Musee_d'orsay_ParisManet_dancers_Musee_d'orsay_ParisManet dancers Van_gogh_musee_d'orsay_parisVan_gogh_musee_d'orsay_parisVan Gogh Claude_Monet_Musee_d'orsay_ParisClaude_Monet_Musee_d'orsay_Paris Aurore_Denys_Puech_musee_d'orsayAurore_Denys_Puech_musee_d'orsayAurore by Denys Puech Large_work_galleries_musee_d'orsay_parisLarge_work_galleries_musee_d'orsay_parisLarge format gallery Musee d'orsay It was another full day of adventure.  Tomorrow, a little more tourist in a different kind of way.  

A side feature for the curious.  Chez Kit while in Paris.  

Le_chambre_chez_moi_ParisLe_chambre_chez_moi_ParisMy little Chambre in Paris Le_toillette_Chez_moi_ParisLe_toillette_Chez_moi_ParisLe toilette de paris

Time for a good soak in a petit tub. 

One more day left, soaked socks and all. 




Eat your heart out, Rick Steves!
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