Jack and Jill cross The Pond

October 10, 2017  •  3 Comments

Let’s get this out of the way as far as informative blogging goes, Norwegian Air: you get what you pay for.   As for a 11 pm flight from MCO to Gatwick, London fortunately for me, that just meant a “dreamliner” where the dreams were questionable but the flight did it’s job. Lucia tells me the food was par for the course airline delicacies and the in-flight entertainment included some snoring neighbors (sorry, not sorry).  1 kilo over on your bag can cost you a pretty penny and don’t let the conversion trick you, over means over in metric too. My bag lost its handle on the way over but at least WE MADE IT TO LONDON, and a sudo-Disney hour wait a customs, just to make sure we felt as ease, I’m sure.


Much like my previous abroad forays, I like to operate on Wifi only and level up my anxiety, builds character ya know.  Unlike my previous travels, everything was in English! So beyond a bit of well intentioned “pardons” and “excuse us”, we managed our way on the train, to infamous “tubes”, and on our way to The Mad Hatter Hotel (more on that later) for a quick, throw the dress and pants in the shower to steam, brush the teeth, back out the door, change.  

The tubeThe tubeFirst trip down under London

As many travel columns would remind you, take your first day slow while you adjust! As I would remind you, fool your energy-deprived body into total emersion and go have High Tea!

To the Savoy we must go

Tea TimeTea TimeTurn the corner to paradise

Tucked in a unsuspecting corner, The Savoy is a Fairmont Hotel that was built on the river Thames in five years and opened on August 6th, 1889. As the first luxury hotel in London, it was met with much pomp and circumstance with its crowd stopping use of electricity.  Today, teatime is served in the Thames Foyer, complete with pianist and plenty of natural light.

Tea TimeTea TimeBlooming with interest

Tea TimeTea TimeThames Lounge striking a chord in our hearts forever


There are many words to be said here and since a picture is worth 1000 of them, I will say just a few and allow the photographic account do the rest.  It was everything one could hope from a traditional teatime.  Beyond however much blood you may of had to sell to walk in the door, the experience and the memory was well worth it.  Every crumb from the sandwiches was like edible gold to us.  We were on a cloud 9 and it was made out of clotted cream and raining delicious tea.

Tea TimeTea TimeA "proper cuppa" Tea TimeTea TimeA treat with the chef Tea TimeTea TimeDon't do it yourself Tea TimeTea TimeThree tiers plus more Tea TimeTea TimeLady-like Tea TimeTea TimeScones from heaven Tea TimeTea TimeBy this point, who has room Tea TimeTea TimeA Gentleman's Tea Tea TimeTea TimeBanana cafe is life


As for the rest of our first day adventures, we decided to do ourselves both a favor and attempt to walk again having just relieved ourselves of many British £’s and gained several American lbs, the best exchange rate of our whole trip

Street Adventures

Making her way downtownMaking her way downtownA stone labyrinth

Many a sidewalk, many a monument The Women of World War 2The Women of World War 2The Women of World War 2 in London style


As we walked our way back to our abode, the sun set the lights flickered on with their best city gleam, the Thames giving great contrast to the crisp city corners with its finest murky waters

World of watchingWorld of watchingDon't be confused by the skies reflection, that water is brown


We said goodnight five hours ahead of our internal sense of reasonability and set our clocks for 8 am with great anticipation for our next day’s adventure

Mad Hatter HotelMad Hatter HotelHome at last


Kay Mohr
You have a way with words! And awesome photos!! Thanks for bringing the world to our home
Margaret W(non-registered)
Hi Kit, I was so excited and filled with anticipation when I heard you'd be blogging your trip. And of course I'm not disappointed. The photos are immersive and stunning, but why wouldn't they be, and your writing is so personable and enjoyable. I'm so happy to be along for the trip. Have a wonder-filled time and keep the entries coming.
Carl Spence(non-registered)
Once again, a great blog Kit. I do enjoy the way you write. It has a comfortable feel that pulls us in and gives a sense of tagging along. It's nice to see Lucia in the photos. She adds a personal touch. Let's see some of you as well in the future.

As always your photos are stunning. You can make the simple look grand and the grand seem simple. They are a perfect pairing with your commentary. I haven't had this much anticipation for the next episode since Downton Abbey ended.
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