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8 AM

That’s 3 am for all you Westerners. Four snoozes later, we are up, out the door, and one tube stop down at the London Tower Bridge station for a bite to eat at The Breakfast Club.

This where it's atThis where it's atThe Breakfast Club's finest sign

Your yoking right?Your yoking right?The Breakfast Club's lamp

As someone who does not relish the idea of breakfast, I was shocked just how much I enjoyed this meal.  This blast from the past styled diner seemed to be the more progressive crowd local feel.  I had my second flat white and I am reminded every time just how much more I like the coffee abroad.  Could be the espresso, could be the milk, could be that I’m on vacation. 

Flat White PerfectionFlat White PerfectionThe Breakfast Club's Finest coffee


Eggs Benedict ala chorizo, avocado perfection.  As well as probably the best service we had the entire trip.

More, always ask for moreMore, always ask for moreThe Breakfast Club's finest benedict

Good meal, Good start.  Back to the tubes to Westminster station to visit, you guessed it

 Westminster abbey

Tube stopTube stopThis is us

This 700 year old church packs quite the line, thanks to some good advice from Rick Steves, the online ticket helps you cut the line and head right in to grab your audio guide. 

Reaching heightsReaching heightsStill beautiful on a cloudy day

Before you turn the camera offBefore you turn the camera offIt's always in the detail

Sadly, no photography is allowed inside. If you like history though, it is packed full of it.  My favorite part was the literary wing including Jane Austin, who was one of the few ladies to make their way into the Abbey without having blue blood.  It was an experience to say the least, a tad overpriced at 25 pounds a pop, but well worth the visit once in a lifetime.  Plus, I made a friend.

Feathered FellowerFeathered FellowerMaking friends


Off to Tea time round two! Walking around the topside of London proved to be well worth the adventure, complete with a house for ducks.

Duck heavenDuck heavenJust the perfect place and where I need to live for forever


The Sketch

Yup, the right placeYup, the right place

Another high tea complete with flare and finesse.  Pink Pink Pink. From the seats to the wall, with bubbly poured over the tops of heads and caviar served by a man in pink. 

From start to finishFrom start to finish BubblyBubblyBetter from high up Quail QualityQuail QualityLittle Caviar anyone? Perfect tea setPerfect tea set


Complete with space aged pod bathroom and an acrylic self playing piano, this joint takes tea to a fun flare.

Groovy ToiletsGroovy ToiletsWhy can't every bathroom be a pod. Bathpods. Make it so.

 This unfortunately was meet with some of our toughest serving experience, which is ironic given my utmost respect for any tea server from sea to all the shining seas.  We didn’t let the slow downs get to us, and the lack of offered cake was not so much missed having finished off two pots of tea including a 1900 Pu-erh that was hands down one of my favorite teas yet. 

Finishing notesFinishing notesGood things come in small packages

Can’t get enough avocado sandwiches, can’t get enough fresh currant jam.

PerspectivePerspectiveCan't beat this sketch

Having done two first class teas back to back, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised how much attention to detail both had for the finger sandwiches.  The sweets were in fact sweet and of course well presented, however, the sandwiches showcased the tradition of the tea experience. 

Many a course, not enough timeMany a course, not enough timeGimme all of it, twice.

Less so a Sketch, more so a full portrait of full later, we took to walking since that seemed to help round one tea.  Got a peak at Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Ham as I affectionately call it.

The palace of hamThe palace of hamThe 99 percent on-looks the 1 percenters

I found no Jekyll in Hyde Park, just a perfect hide away tree.  If we had more days to enjoy in London, I would highly recommend a picnic here.

Hide away in HydeHide away in HydeMy second new home

To complete the day, a trip to Harrods for a quick rose pedal macaroon from Laduree. 

HarrodsHarrodsFeeling extra today?

This proved to be more challenging than an offline Google may have one believe, as this maze was as complicated as the Louvre. Everyone’s definition of fun varies, eh?


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Ooo Wee! Photos are amazing. I've said it before Kit you could be a travel blogger for sure. Love the beard and stash. I'm a fan. Looks like you're having a great time.
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