Creative Director of  Carl Spence Photography

A Little Bit of Personal Context

My photography balances digital client work and fine art series work. As the Creative Director for Carl Spence Photography, I’ve been blessed with years of experience working with Carl, one of the most creative and interesting artists I’ve encountered.  We’ve worked together to highlight the fine art of photography and interpretation of light for our clients through event photography and teaching.

I’ve shown in Massachusetts’ prestigious Plymouth Guild since 2012, and in 2013 I won the title of Most Compelling Photograph.  I am now one of the Guild’s preferred exhibitors.

My first camera was a Canon Ae-81, given to me by my father.  He passed on more than his camera; he taught me how to look for light and be patient in seeking its reward. I acquired my next love, a Medium Format Hasselblad, while studying fine art with a concentration in film photography at Florida State University. Here, I also developed a taste for series work.

Due to the need for high-resolution imagery and quick turn-arounds, I also joined the Digital Canon family.  I shoot with a Mark IV Canon Camera and a Mirrorless Canon R paired exclusively with L series lenses.