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Dress also known by "The Dress Chronicle"

The Dress Chronicle photo shoot is built around the model, Masha Ciampittiello, as seen in each of the four photographs. My intention is to make visible the internal dialogue of past and present reality. The images speak both to the narrative experience in whole, and to the individual moments in part.

The second image in the Chronicle, 20 Foot Waiting, won "Most Compelling" at The Fine Art of Photography 2013 exhibition at The Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth MA.
Photographs are awarded entrance into this prestigious show by jury selection. 533 photographs were anonymously submit by artists to a panel of judges who carefully selected images they felt deserving of one of the 232 slots available. I was blessed when three of my photographs were selected for the show and greatly honored to be the recipient of the award, "Most Compelling".

Kit Mohr
This series was shot with a Canon AE-1 using Ilford film.
Fine Art Photography Kit Mohr The Dress Chronicle Dress-1, Ice NineAward Winner Fine Art Photograph Kit Mohr Dress Chronicle Dress-2, 20 foot WaitingFine Art Photography Kit Mohr The Dress Chronicle, Dress-3 AbatementFine Art Photography Kit Mohr The Dress Chronicle, Dress-4 Braced Abandon