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Leashed​ also know by "The Pup Chronicle"

Endeavoring to bring human characteristics to animals, especially dogs, is a simpler task than it would seem. Psychologically speaking, one of our brains' first instincts as babies is to recognize two eyes + one mouth = safe. We use animals in marketing campaigns, greeting cars, and memes. They tell the stories of our most instinctive emotions. "Leashed" is a series that aims to do the opposite--to urge the viewer to see this hound as a subject telling his own story, his own portrait, rather than fuel the fire of our own narcissism.

Leashed - Fine Art Photography Series
Kit Mohr fine art film series The Leashed Chronicles Leashed-1Kit Mohr fine art photography series Leashed Pup-2Kit Mohr fine art photography series Leashed Pup-3Kit Mohr Leased Chronicle Pup-4 Fine Art Photography Series