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Portrait & Family Sessions

This isn't your grandfathers portrait. Though the traditional portrait is still a mainstay in photography, today's portrait is a moving target, literally. There was a time when you'd trek down to the local town photographer, sit in a studio all gussied up and smile every time you heard "cheese". Meanwhile an assistant was buzzing around focusing searing hot lights on you and setting up hokey backdrops all while the kids pulled each other's hair and screamed "Can we go home now?" Lovely picture isn't it?

Yes there is still a need for the professional head shot and family portrait, however people today want their photos to more closely represent who they are inside and what's important in their lives. This broader thinking has opened the door to photographers like myself who want to create art for the sake of art whenever possible. I love to meet clients in their home or favorite places where they'll be at ease and most happy. Great portraits express who you are. Whether you're dressed in your favorite jeans or a suit, at your local park or in your back yard, I seek to capture your essence in every frame. I'd love to meet sometime for coffee and discuss how you'd like to be photographed.
Thank you, Kit