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It's my last day in Europe!


It's funny, because of my experiences to date, people seem to have the most opinions about my trek to Disneyland and there is not much middle ground.  For me it is an opportunity, maybe to a few it seemed like a waste of a Paris day.

For me though, I've spent almost a month absorbing new, historical, and cultural things.  I've trekked by every transport method except segway.  I've been consumed my Europe, running on espresso and fumes.  Disney is in many ways home to me, coming here was a compromise between the new and the familiar, setting my heart on the track for actually having to leave.  Plus, I luf disney. 

So if your disney heart strings and childhood whimsical follies are in need of a refreshment, scroll down.

If you are a sceptic, you're invited too. Or just follow the next two pictures. Or reread Cinque Uno.

Up and at it

So it was my hope to stay at Disneyland Paris the last night I was here.  But I didn't book prior to because none of my plans were firm.  Turns out, it is quite hard to do despite the best help of one of the smartest disney cast members I know.  

So, the first half of my day I took in the Parisian city life moving from one Airbnb to the next.

Boulanger_ParisBoulanger_ParisPerhaps the best sandwich of the trip Had perhaps one of the best sandwiches of the trip. 

When a french person asks you for here or to go, stay. Pause your busy tourist life, pay the extra euro and sit.  Even when the cafe's streets aren't alive with the bright light of day, your mouth will be full of the warm heat of an artisan sandwich.  

Up and off again, I continue to take in Paris.  Down in the pipes, taking in all the urine coated walls, truly majestic. 

Le_Chat_angry_parisLe_Chat_angry_parisI swear we got along, even if scratched up my whole arm

Alors, I find my next petit maison complete with Le Chat Gris, a young friend, showing affection through claws and an affinity for my right hand.

 My host drove all the way back from her work just to make sure I could drop off my bag before going out for the day.  Service. 


A couple confusing train rides later...

Je vous presente Disneyland Paris

Disneyland_ParisDisneyland_ParisYou can't hear it, but I'm screaming

The glow. Well, that's the small flood to accompany my feet for the whole day.  But the smile on my face, I hope you can feel it.

Castle_fog_disney_parisCastle_fog_disney_parisLet's talk about whimsical I literally ran around for the next 7 hours, skipping through puddles on cloud nine, featured here in this photo. 

Let's talk detail

Stained_glass_Disney_parisStained_glass_Disney_parisThe colors lit up the whole inside of the castle Ceiling_Disney_ParisCeiling_Disney_ParisThe details, incredible

Disneyland is broken down into two parks, I did not have time for the Studios.  

Disneyland itself is a lot like a condensed and intense Disney world.  Every corner to every ceiling, full of detail. I could probably spend the day without going on a ride.  That is not today however.

Skip around with me

Indiana_jones_disney_parisIndiana_jones_disney_parisHeadache anyone?

Indian Jones Mine Cart

Walked on to this one, staggered off.  A bit like an outdoor space mountian, but with a literal twist. 5 star

Phantom_manor_disney_ParisPhantom_manor_disney_ParisNot to be confused with the haunted mansion


Phantom Manor

Step sister of Haunted Mansion. Follows same story of the husband killer wife, a real go-getter.  But with a much darker twist.  The majority of the ride is spent in the underworld of sorts.  French disney isn't afraid of using real skeletons. Dante comes to life, well death I suppose.

Small_world_paris_disneySmall_world_paris_disneyIts a small world

It is a small world.

Well a smaller world.  Same song, same beloved cross nation characters, in a smaller arena with more detailed touches. 

Teacups_disneyland_parisTeacups_disneyland_parisRound and round we go


Just as dizzy, promise

Maze_Alice_disney_parisMaze_Alice_disney_parisThrough the rabbit hole

Through the rabbit hole

A little hedge maze in case you need to keep your fitbit doing it's job. Snow_white_disney_parisSnow_white_disney_parisSee, I'm in france, I can prove it

Snow White

See, french words.  I am in Paris I promise

. Also a bit darker, follow the witch to her mischievous ends.  The french seem to enjoy the scarier sides to the old tales.  Which really is more accurate, not many off our happy water down endings were in the children's books.  Don't believe me? Read the real little mermaid. 

Side note, the churches in Europe also take in this approach.  Many of the old master paintings featured in the cathedrals anyone can stumble in brought life to the hellish demise they warned against.  Reflective and a tad momento mori, it brought a distinctive contrast though to life.  Something to not take for granted. 

Back to Disney Space_mountian_disney_parisSpace_mountian_disney_parisSteampunk Disney

Steampunk Space mountain


Not just cause I'm a sucker for the decor.  You are blasted off into the galaxy in steam pipe.  Space meets rockin' rollercoaster.  Gravity is lost, fun is had. Captian_nemo_disney_parisCaptian_nemo_disney_parisAll aboard the Nautius

The Nautilus 

Walk under and explore Captain Nemo's original Disney Cruise.  Full geek out mode.

Jeti_disney_parisJeti_disney_parisI think I'd be a french Jeti

Eat some fast food and train to become a Jedi. 

Only truly let down here was now few young female Jeti I saw being trained despite their presence in the audience.  Come on Rae's of the Europe, get up there. Come on parents, get over yourselves and your gender binary. Jeti is not a masculine word. 


There was a parade, It was amazing and warmed my heart even through the water logged frozen shoes, thanks Elsa. 

I will not buy an umbrella, I am that stubborn. 

A spring show with Mary Poppins, Bert, chimney sweeps, and penguins

And a very odd show called the Enchanted Forest.  Great singers, complete with French accents. Odd odd odd forest friends with some featured beloved disney movie characters mixed in. 

enchanted_forest_disney_parisenchanted_forest_disney_parisEnchanted Forest with random disney charcaters

Colors of the night

Castle_disneyland_parisCastle_disneyland_parisThe castle at dusk Mainstreet_disneyland_parisMainstreet_disneyland_parisMain street's glow Light up your dreams with Peter Pan as you follow his shadow through the projected castle show including animation, fireworks, water cannons, and fire blasters.  

I feel like they just said, what should we do?  Everything, yes. Let's use everything

Fireworks_disneyland_parisFireworks_disneyland_parisThe second star to the right, and blow up the sky till morning

Best castle show by far.

Such a magical day.  

Worth every second I was there. Got home around midnight with time for packing up and getting ready to head home.  Which means only one more post to go for this blog!

Today I leave you with my favorite part.  Under the Castle. THEY HAD A DRAGON

Dragon_ParisDragon_ParisA dragon, they have A DRAGON

Yes, it's real. 


Unca Randy(non-registered)
Oh man! They have the real Disney Nautilus!! I've been so disappointed at Disneland and DisneyWorld for not having the Nautilus! The submarine rides with nuclear subs just don't cut it!!!
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