Half marathon at the Louvre

March 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

Ready Set Art

My first full day in Paris

It's spring time in Paris, which similar to Florida means completely unpredictable rain.  In its manic episodes, the sky opens with gusto, making the local vendors very profitable on their umbrella sales.  Not a great place for ponchos, as the depressive state of the sky only likes to casually consider the idea of rain in a very existential way. 

Since I have such a limited time here, I am only hitting the big points.  For today that is The Louvre. So I arrive having pre-booked, saving quite the line at the main entrance in the variable weather conditions.

Having been soaked and freezing in Budapest, I did not subject my camera to the same risk of my laissez-faire lack of umbrella approach to tourism. So it's an i-phone journalism kind of day.

Going in, down, to get to go up.

Pyramid_LouvrePyramid_LouvreIt's a glass house actually The Louvre has of course a great deal of very important pieces of art, I'll walk you through some of my favorites.  However, the building itself was also very distracting.  Which is not helpful when you are trying to see all of the things but a pleasant ambiance nonetheless.

Entry_Louvre_ParisEntry_Louvre_ParisCome down to go up into the Art

Now, on to the Art. 

There is no way to describe the feat of walking though this museum.  Beyond the fact that by the end of the day I had actually walked close to 13 miles. Also, the fact that the museum splurged and uses Nintendo 3-D players for their audio guides, I am convinced solely to less the amount of lost tourists as they had a very helpful location service I found myself using often. 

The frozen history

Artemis_with_a_doe_louvreArtemis_with_a_doe_louvreArtemis and her doe

Artemis with a Doe

This museum has a very very comprehensive statue collection. I found much more of my time disappearing in the eyes of those that do not see then I would of thought prior to my visit.  

Some of the heavy hitters, pun intended.

Venus_LouvreVenus_LouvreIn all her glory


I'm not actually sure how I got this shot without people in it, this statue was pretty constantly surrounded.  Being near this piece in person allowed me to finally do what many have done over the years and imagine the statue in it's full glory.  That is perhaps why now over time, it has remained such an icon.  What it lacks due to damage, it gives like a dialogue of possibility. 

Venus_Mars_LouvreVenus_Mars_LouvrePreparing for battle Lesser known, Venus preparing Mars for battle.  It captured a moment, an interaction, and a feeling within two figures in such a simple but impossible way.

Winged_victory_louvreWinged_victory_louvreYou can feel the wind just by watching The Winged Victory

At the top of the staircase, this statue I could of practically spent the day with.  The amount of movement and life in this piece is clear in the photograph but felt in person.  This is one of the only pieces I let myself sit and use precious time to really take in.

Cupid's_Kiss_LouvreCupid's_Kiss_LouvreMy favorite statue of the Louvre

Cupid's kiss was a surprise to me.

 It is not a statue I knew much about, but by far was one of my favorite from the entire day. This is the moment where Cupid is literally kissing his lover back to life, the full story is even carved into the details from behind like his arrows and potion vase. It calls for the viewer to continue to encircle it, being completely wrapped up into the moment

Let's throw in some paintings, here are three I really enjoyed despite their lack of crowd winning approval

Flandrin_louvreFlandrin_louvreSit with me Harbor_LouvreHarbor_LouvreNot enough time to take in all the detail The_young_martyr_louvreThe_young_martyr_louvreStopped me in my tracks

And of course, the biggest crowd draw

Mona_Lisa_LouvreMona_Lisa_LouvreThe Mona Lisa is constantly in the company of about 100 very pushy guests

Just to get this close took a lot of determination and less than southern hospitable shoving.  I would say she enjoys the attention though.

It was quite the day to be had, only leaving because I was walking a very dangerous lack of nutrition line that I did not want to cross.

So the rest of my first day I spent outside enjoying the sun and the view when I could get them

Louvre_park_ParisLouvre_park_ParisTaking in the sun outside the Louvre sienne_Paris_eiffel_towersienne_Paris_eiffel_towerView on the Siene And the walks in the rain through the iconic streets

Arch_de_triumphArch_de_triumphThe triumph here was not getting completely soaked to the bone

It was yet again, a very full, but rewarding day of exploration. Including a dinner in a little streetside cafe blanc where I enjoyed listening in on a french couple who were less then thrilled that I was not speaking french. The waiter actually told them basically "I'm sorry"  or "excuse me" every time he used English with me. Fascinating and entertaining. Most importantly, the food was amazing, more rewarding yet was the couple that sat down next to me when I was concluding my meal.  I ended up staying and talking to the charming pair for about an hour.  They were inquisitive, authenticate, and the perfect conclusion to my day.

With my socks hung out to dry, a prayer for sleep

 I will say Bon Nuit!


Aunt Lori(non-registered)
Thank you for the photos. I relived my memories of Paris and the louvre. I loved cupid's kiss and cried when I saw winged victory in all her glory at the top,of the stairs. Bon nuit.
Another day of incredible pictures and adventure. I can only imagine you walking through the Louvre with great anticipation as to what was beyond the next room. If you get a chance try to stop in at Angelina's for a proper tea or the most delicious hot chocolate and pastries in the world. Yummy. I know your journey is soon coming to an end but you still must GO GO GO!
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