One more day in Paradise, One night in quite the opposite

March 29, 2016  •  2 Comments


The gray skies rolled away in the night and I woke up to a bright and ready blue morning

Some places in the Cinque Terre you can book ahead of time online. They are hard to find, trust me.  Air bnb opened a few more options but most places are found simply by wandering the streets and looking for rooms open signs.  Being the type A that I am, I did not like this quite as much and managed to book via email with the one place I could find in Vernazza on the Interwebs. The leap of faith proved rewarding, clearly.

Quite a view to wake up to 

Good morningGood morningWhat a view to open the door to in monterosso al mare Last night I also ate in the little dinner place that the runs the rooms they rent out.  Stuffed mussels, a plate of meat, a full basket of bread, and a 1.5 liter of water.  I literally ate everything in front of me. 

 Which proved helpful today for the next hike. 

 But both we change towns, lets explore a tad more around Vernazza which is also known for it's petit, yet high perched castle. 

Castle turnsCastle turnsThe way up

Naturally, I found the strange little staircase deserving of the feature shot.  

Pulling me back alwaysPulling me back alwaysGoodbye Vernazza That little cylinder on the hill, that's what I'm inside.  

Now, back down on the break water

Out on the waterOut on the waterOn the break water in Vernazza

A clear blue sky, bright sun, and off far away in the distance, our next destination. 

So pack up your bag

Italy turtleItaly turtleTurtling through the Cinque Terre

Grab a model citizen cat

Cats of the CInque TerreCats of the CInque TerreThe model citizen

And we are off! 

Hiking today, a Saturday, came with a little more local traffic but no less views.  Including some tucked away little treasures worth taking the shoes off and romping around a bit

Bridge over peaceful watersBridge over peaceful watersThe treasures on the trail

Oh and about those cats, the people love them too.  So much so, they created a little safe haven for them on the mountain.

I am convinced I actually found cat heaven.

Cat HeavenCat HeavenTucked into the mountains, it is found

And you know how Italian's love their football?  Well why not hike on a trail through the mountains with your favorite ball.  Just a little passing around the switchbacks, fun?


Risk your life to retrieve said ball, of course!

Featuring, one arguably good dad

Persistant ItaliansPersistant ItaliansWhat one man would do to save a "football"

Thankfully, I left early.  The wait just to hike going the other direction was longer that trying to get on Test Track in Epcot in July. 

So we arrive in...

Monterosso al Mare

Just around the bendJust around the bendThe way into monterosso al mare This town was probably the best way for me to end my journey because to me, it felt the most tourist. Had I hiked the opposite direction, I am convinced nothing could of pried me off its walls.

 This town has the big beach and also is really the only flat town therefore the most public ready.  I say this like a real Cinque snob I suppose because it was still a sight to behold full of its own little flares.

monterosso al maremonterosso al mareLittle details of monterosso al mare

To finish out my Cinque Terre exploration, I choose to honor the day with a meal in the honor of and in great gratitude of my friend Delayne who would not let me leave Florida without promising to eat pasta.  

And I did, and it was gooooood

The perfect mealThe perfect mealLeaving Monterosso al Mare in style Homemade ravoliHomemade ravoliThe tastes of the Cinque Terre

So concludes my fun in the mountains and by the sea of Italy.  This trip has allowed me to feel life again in a way that only true adventure can.

The second half of my day was a different experience all together. 

I was a tad nervous but excited to board a night train to Paris.  Perhaps my nervous energy was so compelling my first train (that I was safely two hours early for) to try and compensate and pull into Milan 25 minutes late, 10 minutes to late for my 11:15 train for the evening.  

The train station also had just enough wifi to get through a few panic texts but no internet to be had for the researching.  So relying on others web connected eyes, we worked out that the best course of action was probably to wait it out till the earliest 10 hour train out in the morning.  

Let me introduce you to CHEZ KIT OF MILAN

Homeless KitHomeless KitMy night spent in the train station of Milan

I am actually quite proud of my little corner, it took awhile to find.  The elegant marble really proved to be the fanciest of ice box beds for the night.  A few hours restless hours later, I was thankfully heading out of Milan towards Paris.  

The experience in the moment was not a pleasurable one in the slightest. I do feel however that it allowed a great contrast to the amazing experiences I've had up onto this point. As well as another humbling moment of insight into the lives that a great deal of people have to bare.  

I am blessed to say the least

Now, off to PARIS


Yes. We are very blessed. And you will NEVER be the same after this marvelous adventure you've been on the last few weeks. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing joy to each day. GO GO GO
You have me laughing one minute and crying the next as I read your Cinque Terre experiences and relive walking the same paths as you are now doing. I got goosed in that tower in Vernazza. Let's just say when I reached the bottom I was relieved but had quite the smile on my face. I agree with you about Monterossa being the most tourist town. But I'm glad you had a good dish of pasta before leaving my beloved Italy. Sorry you had to suffer a long night on a cold marble floor at the Milan train station. Avery and I missed our train connection in Milan too so I know how you felt. Too bad you didn't have time to see the city. It really is quite beautiful. Your selfie in the train station is priceless. It gave me a good chuckle. It is so you! Enjoy the City of Lights. Can't wait to see your pictures from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
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Europe here I come!  You can view the pics within each post in a slide show by clicking on one of the images to start.  

Enjoy! Kit

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